What are Roman Shades

Roman shades are fold-styled shades for windows covering. They give an elegant touch to any space. Usually, they comprise of two layers. First is the base and second is of fabric. The fabric rolls up and straightens up on the base as per the movement of the cord or motor behind it. The movement mechanism is attached to the [...]

Cellular Shade – Explained

Why is it called a cellular shade? A cellular shade has cells to trap air inside them. The trapped air creates an insulting effect to maintain the warmth of the room. You might have learnt that air is a bad conductor of heat and cellular shades are based on this simple science. Cellular shades are generally made up of soft [...]

Window Treatments

Different Types of Window Treatments in Indianapolis

Festivals are round the corner, and it’s time to give the best look to your home or workplace. Learn how personalized window blinds from Veteran Blinds in Indianapolis can make a difference to the ambience. Shades, blinds, draperies, and curtains are different types of window treatments that enhance the interiors of a home. The selection of window treatment is of significant [...]

Alta wood blind

Importance of Window Coverings

Window coverings including draperies, curtains, and blinds are a great way to personalize your home. Veteran Blinds, the leading drapery store in Indianapolis offers custom drapery and blinds Here are the Benefits of Choosing Custom Window Coverings Control Sunlight and UV Rays How often do we think of UV rays at home? While sun rays can be blocked by pulling the curtains [...]

Normandy Real Wood 2

What Are Window Blinds and Shades?

Window treatments are draperies, blinds, and shades that are installed to beautify the interiors of a house and fulfill other needs. When searching for perfect Indiana blinds, remember to consider several factors, such as privacy, price, sunlight and UV rays control, design and look, and weight. Window blinds and shades in Indianapolis are generally categorized into two types – functional [...]

Why Shutters or Blinds are Top Pick Among Buyers

The battle between Blinds and shutter is the longest you could remember. Blinds are Versatile as they are in horizontal or vertical layout . Blinds can be easily used for larger windows . But on the other hand shutters make it look more royal at the same time. It is really interesting why people still prefer them over the new [...]

Motorized window Blinds

How to Choose the Right Motorized Window Blinds in Indianapolis

Motorized window blinds are gaining popularity in the window treatment sector as they add sophistication to a room, let alone ease of use. Windows are crucial elements in home decoration. In fact, the way you treat your window will help you transform the functionality of the given space. If you are on this page, it means you have motorized blinds [...]

Cleaning Hacks for Window Blinds and Covers

If you are struggling with all the home chores and hate to clean wide window blinds and covers, then you are at the correct webstore for your rescue. We not just sell window blinds and covers as per preferences and comfort, but make sure that they stay vibrant and clean on the long run. There are two ways of cleaning window [...]