5 Best Natural Woven Shade Ideas for Bedroom

July 6, 2021
5 Best Natural Woven Shade Ideas for Bedroom

Natural woven shades are a timeless window covering type. They add values to your living experience – aesthetically and scientifically both. The aesthetic is well understood. Natural wood comes in multiple hues. Polished wood with a unique shine or raw look that reveals knots and grains – the material selection for woven wood shades remains with you.If you are planning for woven wood window shades, here are some unique ideas to help you with the selection.

#1. Roller bamboo shades with plain weaving pattern


This is the most common yet decent woven wood shade made of bamboo fibers. The horizontal and vertical running fibers are locked in an alternate pattern to create a sheet that can be rolled up. The design leaves square holes across the window covering to facilitate ventilation and privacy. From a distance of 1 meter or greater from the window, it’s difficult for anyone to have a clear view of the inside and vice versa. The lifting mechanism can be either manual or motor-based.

#2. Horizontal bamboo shades

Extend privacy settings with window shades made up of parallelly woven bamboo fibers. The bamboo strips are stitched together with three to four vertical jute or other fabrics. They are normally in a roman shade pattern. When you lift the bamboo roman shades, multiple stacks of folds that look beautiful are formed. Close arrangement of the fibers doesn’t restrict ventilation as the natural fibers have tiny pores in them to pass air.

#3. Alternate window shades with dark and light patterns

These natural woven shades comprise wood fibers in two color variants – light and dark. The alternative-colored shades look great. When you order your natural woven shade, don’t miss recording your design and color preferences. Make your suggestion complement the color of the surrounding walls and other objects.

#4. Seagrass window shades

Seagrass window shades are a soft, popular window covering option. They are stunning, durable, and easy to maintain. We have experienced artisans to create beautiful patterns and borders that match your interior and privacy needs. Intricate woven designs and natural tones make them stylish on a whole different level. Seagrass is used to create roller shades or roman shades for bedrooms. Seagrass species are abundantly found in regions in the tropical waters of the Indian and western Pacific oceans. The natural window covering shields your interior against UV rays and maintains perfect thermodynamics.

#5. Sisal window shades

Sisal is a flowering plant native to southern Mexico but now cultivated widely across the world. We source fibers from the plant that is strong and long. They are treated with suitable softening agents to reduce the stiffness and make them flexible for weaving. Following your design and privacy preferences, we weave natural window shades. We make roller and roman shades from sisal. Depending upon your privacy and light control needs, we increase or decrease the density of the sisal fibers.Recommended reading: Tips to Take Care of Woven Wood Shades

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