Cleaning Hacks for Window Blinds and Covers

August 20, 2020
Cleaning Hacks for Window Blinds and Covers

If you are struggling with all the home chores and hate to clean wide window blinds and covers, then you are at the correct webstore for your rescue.We not just sell window blinds and covers as per preferences and comfort, but make sure that they stay vibrant and clean on the long run.

There are two ways of cleaning window blinds and covers.

First, remove them and soak in warm water with some soap or detergent powder, and rinse them well two to three times at least till the time the water in your bucket turns clean and the foam is gone. If you have faux wood blinds, lukewarm water will work. Higher temperature can make the soap or detergent more abrasive.Second, clean them with a good quality blind shutter duster. It cleans really quick. Scrubbing them with a microfiber cloth will also help. As a finishing touch, use a damp cloth to wipe out the rest of the loose dirt particles.

Adopt cleaning window blinds and covers as a routine chore. Perform it weekly or bi-weekly. It helps not just in keeping your window treatment and covers in new condition, but also creates a healthy environment for your loved ones to enjoy.

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