How to Choose Window Treatment for Spring?

March 22, 2021
How to Choose Window Treatment for Spring?

Spring is here! Spring heralds an awesome weather - weather that is warm, mild, and quite tolerable.  Humidity is quite in control and slow-moving wind gives a gentle caring touch. Let your window be the gateway for all the good things that nature has for you. Selecting the right window treatment or covering helps you welcome fresh air and sunlight that are important for a healthy lifestyle.

Roller Shades

Polyester, cotton, linen, viscose, PVC, fiberglass, or something else – irrespective of the shade materials you opt for it’s important you go with the roller option. It gives you the control to move up and down the window to facilitate the entry of light and wind as per the requirements. Check our roller shade options. If you are covering an extra-large sized window, you can go for a motorized blind. We can add a portable motor that pulls up and down the blind.

Roman Shades

Roman shades are smooth without any rib or bump. They have folds that cascade down the face of the shade to help create depth. Roman shades differ from regular windows shade the way they stack up evenly when being opened. They can be made up of natural materials like wood or artificial ones like faux wood.


If you are looking for something in fabric, this option is for you. You can have an endless list of color and fabric choices. If you enjoy DIY work, you can bring the fabric and stitch as per the dimension of the window. You may also reach out to us for the best window treatment using fabrics. Keep in the texture or color of the surroundings, while choosing fabric. You may opt for the trending Pantone Color of 2021, i.e., illuminating (bright yellow hue) and ultimate gray colors. Both evoke hope and optimism after the tumultuous year.


No matter what window treatment you go for, always make sure you don’t compromise on the hardware’s quality. Hardware like motor, roller, mounting bracket, etc., plays a pivotal role in keeping your window blinds firm. Making movement of the blinds or covering hassle-free, they contribute to the durability of the product as well.

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