How to Install Window Blinds?

August 29, 2021
How to Install Window Blinds?

If you are DIY planning to install window blinds, you will be surprised to learn how easy it can be. That most likely comes as a surprise because most people assume that the process is pretty hard. It is possible to do it right without being a professional in the area with the right instructions. Therefore, you can get great results installing faux wood blinds without spending a penny on a professional. Let’s discuss how to install window blinds in detail.

Step 1: Measure the Windows

Before even thinking about whether to go for the woven wood shades or wooden blinds, among other options, take a tape measure and note the size of your windows. Measure the dimensions of the outside or inside mounts depending on where you want to mount the blinds. Note that hanging them outside makes the window look large, whereas inside mounts make them small and allow a lot of light to enter. Therefore, you have to choose wisely while considering your needs.

Step 2: Choose Blinds

Once you measure your windows, look for the window blinds that you want to install. The broadest category to choose is the horizontal and vertical blinds. Once you select one, consider the various materials, including wood, aluminum, PV, and vinyl, just but to mention a few.

Step 3: Get your hardware

Upon choosing the blinds, for example, faux wood blinds, buy the hardware kit you deem fit and ensure that everything that’s supposed to be is present in the package for the installation of window blinds.

Step 4: Make bracket holes’ marks

Using a pencil, mark the respective holes, and don’t forget to hold those brackets where they should before marking. If it is an inside mount, the distance between the mark and the window’s edge should be about one inch. That’s not always the right thing due to the different types of blinds hence the need to confirm that the bracket won’t affect the blinds’ internal mechanisms.

Step 5: Attach Brackets

To do so, you will have to drill the holes where the marks are. They are necessary for the installation of the brackets, which need screws to stay in place. After that, hold the brackets in place before installing the screws in the right holes. Confirm that the brackets hold your window blinds perfectly.

Step 5: Attach the Head Rail, Valance, and Wands

For the valance, you will need clips to attach to the headrail. The former covers the latter making your window look pretty. Once the clips are in place, snap them over the head rail’s front lip before inserting them into the brackets. When the headrail fits perfectly, close the bracket doors and attach the valance where you think it is excellent. To do so, press it gently down until the clips snap into it. Last but not least, install the wand and do it well so that the slats of the blinds can tilt up and down when opening and closing them.


Whether you choose vertical blinds or horizontal Wooden Blinds, following the above steps will ensure that you install them as they should. After all, that is the only time that your window blinds will serve their purpose well. Remember that motorized blinds are perfect for the safety of children and pets.

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