Tips for Cleaning Motorized Shades

April 21, 2020
Tips for Cleaning Motorized Shades

Do your motorized shades require window treatment? In Indianapolis, you will find quite a few reputed motorized shades window treatment and installation companies. If your automatic blinds are smelling odd and looking dirty, don’t hesitate to contact them, especially if this is your first time. However, if you know the technique in maintaining motorized shades, you can simply follow our tips in cleaning them without additional hand.

Tips for Cleaning Motorized Shades purchased in Indianapolis

Motorized shades in Indianapolis are popularly used because they add versatility and reliability, besides making your work easier.

  • Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and dirt. Many homeowners find it difficult to clean their motorized window shades because of all the moving parts. But maintaining them is as easy as traditional blinds.
  • Once you have removed the surface dust, use a soft brush to clean the lengths of the blind. You can also use the vacuum cleaner brush.
  • Soft bristles will ensure the fabric is unharmed.
  • Now use your lamb wool duster to slide it across each blind slat. Start from the top slat and slide it horizontally.
  • If your Indianapolis motorized shades are located near the kitchen, you may find grime and grease sticking on them more often than not. To remove the sticky grime, you can simply use a sponge to wipe it. Water may not be required, but you can any spray kitchen cleaner solution on the sponge to give the blinds a sparkling look.
  • Here’s a word of caution though. Since the motorized blinds operate electrically, you must make sure that you don’t spray or pour water on the motor parts. Water could hamper the mechanical functioning of the blinds.
  • Furthermore, you are not supposed to spray the cleaning solution directly on the window shades. You can either use a wet piece of cloth or sponge, or as we suggested, spray the solution on the sponge before wiping it.

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