Top 5 Designer Drapery Rods and Finials

October 30, 2021
Top 5 Designer Drapery Rods and Finials

Whether you're in a new home, or redesigning your home, once you have finalized the curtain fabrics for your window, the next step is to find the perfect rod finials to hang the window covering. Getting the right hardware not just serves as a solid fixture to hold the draperies but also as a decorative element. Here is our selection of the top 5 crafted to perfection rod finials that can add brownie points to your home décor.

#1. Jayden – Pewter

Augment the interior beauty of your space by installing the drapery using a pair of step-style rod finials. The ascending design format coupled with the brilliant metallic finish grabs the eyeball. Choose the texture or color that best complements your drapery fabric and wall color(s). Install a pair of brackets and place your rod with the window treatment on them.

#2. Woven Ball – Weathered Brown

Add this pair of curtain road finials to your window drapery and make heads turn. The surface of the ball-shaped finials features woven craft. The connection between the ball and rod is also a piece of art. There are three circular rings with different radii one after another with the largest at the end of the rod. The dark brown texture of the ball matches any fabric.

#3. Cage-Black with Rings

Let your window covering do the talking.  Use these pair of cage-black finials to install your drapery with a style. Image the globe’s longitude connecting the north and south pole. The connection between the globe and the rod features a designer look with multiple rings. You need an additional set of brackets and a rod before you can make use of the cage-black finials.

#4. Lucas-Black with Rings

Make a difference to your home decoration with curtains installed using this pair of Lucas-black finials. The twisted arcs forming the cage have a square edge. The cage joints with a rod bearing a square edge. Two circular structure marks the union of the rod and the cage. Rings come with the purchase.

#5. Mission – Pewter (With Rings)

Get a pair of brackets and rods with the purchase of Mission-Pewter. Order this set of window treatment installation hardware online and augment the beauty of your home easily. Fix the brackets on the walls easily using standard 30 by 7 mm screws. Make sure the wall mounting brackets lie in a straight line. Take help of a level to keep the line straight.

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