Types of Modern Window Shades You Can Decorate Your House

April 21, 2020
Types of Modern Window Shades You Can Decorate Your House

You can always plan your custom window shutters based on your home décor, windows size and shape, the purpose of the room, and room size. The blinds you choose for your home can add a dramatic effect to your interiors. Therefore, you have to consider a lot of things before you choose your window treatment options.However, having a good knowledge of different types of shutters will help you decide the right one.

Real Wood Blinds:

Bamboo and Bali wood shades are real wood blinds that are not only sturdy but also keep the room ultra-cool and ventilated. They can be perfect interior decorative for Asian houses.

Window Faux Wood Blinds

Faux wood blinds are not real wood as the name suggests but give you the appearance of natural wood. They are mainly made out of PVC material and are heavier than real wood shades.

Roman Window Blinds

Roman window blinds are considered best and practical window treatments. They not only provide privacy by the way they are made but also filter sound by blocking sound waves in between the pleats. Roman window blinds are timeless and can be customized into different shapes, such as looped, flat, dog-eared, and balloon.

Roller Window Treatments

These fabric window treatments are created in a way to filter sunlight. As the name suggests, you can roll up the window blind when and as you want. They are designed by using a combination of valances and drapes. You can lower the blinds when you want to block the sunlight.

Natural Woven Blinds

If nature appeals to you and you prefer organic materials over faux, you can consider beautifying your home with natural woven shades. These shades, while do not provide much privacy, add a raw element to your interiors. The blinds are generally made of tough organic materials like reeds, grasses, etc.

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