Types of Pillow You Can Customize from a Window Shades Service Provider in Indianapolis

September 8, 2020
Types of Pillow You Can Customize from a Window Shades Service Provider in Indianapolis

When making your bed, it is important to get the right pillow besides a good and comfortable mattress. For a restful sleep, the pillow plays a very integral role. It supports your head and nape and also provides support to your back and spine. And if you are very particular about your pillows, then we suggest customizing it from a fabric treatment company, such as Veteran window blinds in Indianapolis.Here is a list of different types of pillows you can customize based on your requirements:


Memory and shredded are two different types of foams for pillow making. Shredded foams are more flexible which supports your head better. Foam pillows are good for people with backaches and other health issues. They are widely preferred because foams don’t cause lumping.


Latex pillows are soft and known for their durability and biodegradability. Latex for pillows is extracted for the hevea-brasiliensis tree.

Body Pillow

If you want a pillow for a medical purpose, try a body pillow made from organic materials that support your entire body. It is good for pregnant women.


Feather pillows are an age-old pillow material used for lightweight, soft pillows that hold shape better than other pillows. Make sure you tell the manufacturer to make it 100% feather-based pillows. Or else you will end up getting a mix of feather and down.


Essentially, although people think that cotton is a staple pillow material, it is not. Cotton is used for mattresses more and less for pillows. However, most pillows have a cotton outer layer to ensure the pillows are comfortable, breathable, and absorbent. They are also hypoallergenic.


Wool is popularly used for a variety of handloom purposes, such as mattresses, winter clothes, quilts, and pillows. Wool can excellently regulate body temperature and of course, are eco-friendly. They are also mite resistant, antimicrobial, and fire-resistant.


Micro-beads are essential for travel pillows. Made from polystyrene beads, micro-bead pillows are neck supportive and can be customized based on your needs. They have excellent airflow which makes it perfect for traveling.

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