What are Roman Shades

April 4, 2021
What are Roman Shades

Roman shades are fold-styled shades for windows covering. They give an elegant touch to any space. Usually, they comprise of two layers. First is the base and second is of fabric. The fabric rolls up and straightens up on the base as per the movement of the cord or motor behind it. The movement mechanism is attached to the base. However, at times, a single fabric layer also works. In such a case, a thick fabric is considered.

Choosing the right fabric for your roman shade

Ambience Type

Depending upon the type of ambience you need – cosy, warm, light, even, vibrant, etc., you can pick the right fabric for your home or office. Shade factor is critical to the selection. How to calculate it? It depends up on the transparency or opaqueness of the fabric, which again are regulated by the below factors:

Fabric Pattern

The way yarns in the fabrics are interlinked defines the look of the fabric. There are endless choices when it comes to pattern so it all depends upon what appeals your mood.

Fabric Color

The kind of fabric color you need is a personal choice. Sit with your family before you decide it. Bedroom, living room, study room, meeting room, kitchen, bathroom, lounge, and so on – the selection of color varies by areas as well as you need different levels of privacy, theme and focus.

UV Blocking

UV rays comprise the 10% of the total electromagnetic radiation from the sun. Why they are so much debated is because of their ability to bring chemical and biological changes when they touch the living cells. There are three types of UV ray, viz., UVA, UVB, UVC. Not all UV rays are harmful, some are good for health too. Make your roman shades with the fabric that helps you filter the bad.


Keep a watch on the surroundings and choose a roman shade fabric that complement them well. Right matching helps you elevate the elegance of your home or workspace without costing you anything extra.Need experts' guidance on roman shade selection, or want to know the roman shade budget?

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