Why Cornices are Beautiful, Decorative, and Functional?

July 28, 2020
Why Cornices are Beautiful, Decorative, and Functional?

Cornices not only can protect your faux shades and wood blinds of your Indianapolis house, but also beautify your house. Cornices are classical architecture designed at the uppermost part of the wall, around the horizontal lines of the ceiling. They stick out of the walls and ceilings. They are usually molded into the walls.While, traditionally, cornices were added to protect the wall structure, in modern interior designing, cornices are part of window treatment. You can use cornice for faux wood window shutters, roman window shades, wooden blinds, and other types of window treatments.Whether you are planning to change the exterior of your house or redesign your new home, choosing the right type of cornice can help you ease out the work and improve the outcome. When cornices are properly customized, it can help ward off rainwater seeping in through the windows and preventing the window treatments, foundation, and window siding from water damage and mold growth.When you are planning to add cornices to your rooms, find out from your window treatment provider the benefits of fiberglass cornices.While you get cornices in stones, plasters, timber, and fiberglass, you should choose a malleable material, such as fiberglass.

Here’s why you should select fiberglass cornices:

  • Fiberglass cornice is highly flexible and due to this reason, it can be molded into different shapes and sizes.
  • It can be molded with other materials and can replicate another material, such as wood, terra cotta, or stone.
  • It is durable and can withstand rough weather.
  • Unlike wood or plaster, fiberglass will not damage when exposed to high heat, water, microorganisms, or wind.
  • Fiberglass cornices are fire resistant as well.
  • These cornices are lightweight and extremely easy to install. Moreover, they are low maintenance, besides being cost-effective.

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