Custom Cornices are an inexpensive way to enhance a room. Made in our workroom.

October 15, 2021
Custom Cornices are an inexpensive way to enhance a room. Made in our workroom.

Seasons impact our life and lifestyle more than anything else would. Winter is around the corner in Indiana, we know it's time to look for ways to block the chill from outside and increase home insulation by locking in the warmth, preventing it from escaping the room. Top quality window treatments can help you stay warm and keep your energy costs low.

Veteran Blinds offers some unique custom window covering ideas to help you keep your home in Indiana warm and cozy during the winter season.


Shutters are firmly equipped with the window frame and are a sturdy window covering option. This is the toughest measure to create an air-tight space. Moistened air, rainfall, mists, or snowfall – protect your bedroom, living room, or kitchen space with custom window shutters. From natural to faux wood – you will get many choices by texture, slat-width, and durability. Faux wood is either composite wood, typically, Medium Density Fiberboard Core (MDF) or PVC.If you are installing your window shutters externally on the window frame, go for the faux wood slates that come up with PVC material. Nothing can beat the natural wood for internal window shutters. Natural wood can block heat inside and keep your ambience warm. Veteran Blinds offers the best window covering option using Norman Shutter material.


Blinds are hanged either internally or externally over the window frame. Like shutters, they are also made up of solid slates that can be natural or faux wood. Adjusting the tilts of the slats, exercise the desired control on what can enter and what not. Block moisture, snow, mist, and wind of the winter months. Blinds can be horizontal or vertical. Choose to have a manual or automatic control system. The installation time and sturdiness of the blinds are less as compared to shutters. Veteran Blinds offers the best customization possible. Schedule a time to allow our team to visit your home. We take note of your requirements and preferences and help you pick the right design, style, and material for your window blinds.


Shades are the most delicate window covering option. They are multi-layered fabric. Choose to have the fabrics by opaqueness, color, and protection you need. Cellular shades are the favorite of many homeowners for winters as they have air cavities that help in shielding the warmth. If you want to have an outdoor view while sitting in your home, shades with sheer fabrics are a good choice. Routine snowfall and gusts can damage the fabric. Our team can help you choose the best window shades while finding the right fabric to fit your Indiana home needs.

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