Why Cornices are Beautiful, Decorative, and Functional?

Cornices not only can protect your faux shades and wood blinds of your Indianapolis house, but also beautify your house. Cornices are classical architecture designed at the uppermost part of the wall, around the horizontal lines of the ceiling. They stick out of the walls and ceilings. They are usually molded into the walls. While, traditionally, cornices were added to [...]

Best Way to Clean Faux Wood Blinds Indianapolis

Faux wood window blinds are a magnet to dust and grimes but they can be cleaned in a jiffy. Here’s quick advice: if you have just shifted to a new residence in Indianapolis, and if there are window blinds, do clean them before settling in. Here’s how you can clean faux wood shutters and window blinds in Indianapolis: While it may [...]

Faux Blinds vs Real Wood Blinds

Indianapolis is one of the most charismatic and uplifting cities in the state of Indiana, despite its lazy nickname ‘Naptown’. If you have just started living in the city, you must know that only glory and happiness is ahead of you. That being said, you may also want to know what things you should buy for your new homes, [...]

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