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Veteran Blinds and Draperies is the top-notch provider of window blinds and curtains in Avon. Accessorize the elegance of your living or workspace without breaking your bank because we offer window blinds and draperies at an unbeatable price.

From sales appointment to installation to after sales service, we promptly respond to your queries or needs. Offering quality window covering solution at a very low price, we have become a household name in Avon

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Choices You Have for Window Blinds in Avon

From look and appearance to materials and budget, you have a say in everything. When it comes to materials, window blinds are made up of faux wood or real wood. Faux wood blinds comprise of PVC or plastic materials, and are available under different hues and textures. Real wood blinds – as it says – are crafted using natural wood. Check the difference between faux and real wood window blinds.

We also offer high-quality draperies complementing the beauty of your home, home-office or workplace. There is an array of color and pattern options regarding curtain fibers.

Visit our gallery of window covering solutions to have a glimpse of how our window blinders can make a difference to your home or workspace ambiance.

We provide tailored window shades in Avon so as to deliver a very positive experience to you.

We use high-quality faux wood or natural wood to create window shades.

Yes, our faux window blinds are waterproof. They are made up of plastic fibers.

Yes. We have veteran professionals to perform real wood or faux wood blinds installation using high-quality brackets and other hardware.

Faux means artificial or not genuine.  Faux window blinds are made of PVC or vinyl materials that look like wood. They are made by juxtaposing slats coated with high tech polymer (composite) or slates entirely made of vinyl or PVC materials.

Their strength depends on the PVC materials that are used in their making. Rigid PVC has outstanding tensile strength. This property makes the product resistant against normal wear and tear and they last long.

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