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From faux wood blinds to real wood blinds– get all at affordable prices in Indianapolis! Veteran Blinds and Draperies is a leading window treatment company in Indianapolis operated by window treatment experts.We create customized vertical blinds and draperies for residential and commercial buildings.Our growing base of loyal customers in Indianapolis area is a living testimony of what we do.

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Choices You Have for Vertical Blinds and Draperies in Indianapolis

We help you find amazing vertical blinds in Indianapolis at the lowest possible price. If you are looking for blinds, shades, shutters, and draperies, we have many options. We offer both faux wood blinds, as well as real wood blinds. We also have honey comb cellular shades, and custom draperies to give your house of business an extra pop. All of the window treatments we offer, we make sure to match your expectations, providing you with the highest quality of service and product.

How are faux wood blinds made?

Faux wood blinds as the name implies are manufactured from man-made materials and look very similar to real wood blinds. In some cases, it is very difficult to tell the difference between faux wood and real wood blinds. The combination of materials used provide tensile strength, opaqueness, volume, color, and waterproofing. The blinds are very durable and provide total privacy, partial light, or a full view through the entire window. The faux wood blinds are less expensive than real wood blinds because the cost of materials are less, and there is less waste in the manufacturing process. Faux wood blinds are the single most popular window covering in the market.

How are real wood blinds made?

Real wood blinds as the name indicates are made from basswood or other hardwoods. The process begins with the harvesting of the trees, primarily in the northeast. The wood is cut, kiln-dried, sanded, stained or painted, and then finishes are applied. When the wood is received at the assembly factory, they are in bundles of various lengths. The stained wood varies in color based on the shipment. Dealing with the variety of lengths and dye lots, there is an increase in costs and waste. In addition, wood is more expensive than faux wood materials. However, wood blinds are lighter and are beautiful, especially with the variety in the stain choices.

Window Blinds in Indianapolis: Frequently Asked Questions

We create vertical blinds (individual slats that hang vertically along a track at the top of the blind), panel blinds, pleated shades, venetian blinds, cellular shades, and much more.

See our gallery of window treatments to have glimpse of how our window blinds can make a difference in your home or work space.

We provide tailored window treatments of the highest quality- including blinds, shades, shutters, and draperies in Indianapolis.We start the process by gathering your window measurements and your preferences.This way our window treatments are custom made for your windows. Some of our products can even be installed as soon as within one to two weeks.

Yes, you can use our waterproof faux window blinds. They are resistant to moisture and work great in areas like the bathroom.

Yes, we have professionals to preform installation using high quality brackets and other hardware. Our installers are very well trained, efficient, and very respectful of your home or work place.

Request a quote now! It’s free and our experts can measure, help you select your window treatment design, and get it installed quickly in Indianapolis.