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Accessorize your home or workplace beauty with premium quality window blinds and draperies made available by Veteran Blinds and Draperies in Plainfield, Illinois.

Veteran Blinds and Draperies has got experienced interior designers and art professionals to work on your order and exceed your expectation. We are just a phone call away. Fill out the form and find our experts right at your doorsteps.

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Choices You Have for Window shades in Plainfield

Whether you need faux shades or real wood shades, you can get all at affordable rate. Faux blinds imitate the appearance of wood. They are actually made up of PVC or thermosetting plastic materials that are durable with high tensile strength and can withstand extreme summer and winter. Their water-resistance feature makes them appropriate for bathroom or other moistened area. Find the difference between faux and real wood window blinds.

Window Shades in Plainfield: Frequently Asked Questions

Take a stroll through our online gallery of window covering solutions. Or request a free quote and schedule an appointment with our expert. We help you choose from an array of window blind designs matching your home or workspace ambiance.

We provide tailored window shades to customers in Plainfield. We start the process once we receive the window measurement and your preference.

We use high-quality faux wood or natural wood to create window shades.

Yes, our faux window blinds are waterproof. They are made up of plastic fibers.

Yes. We provide end-to-end window blinds solution. Our window blinds installation team will pay a visit at your home or office and perform the installation up to your satisfaction.

Faux window blinds are made of PVC or vinyl materials that look like wood. They are made by juxtaposing slats coated with high tech polymer (composite) or slates entirely made of vinyl or PVC materials.

Their strength depends on the PVC materials that are used in their making. Rigid PVC has outstanding tensile strength. This property makes the product resistant against normal wear and tear and they last long.

Or want to place a request for vertical blinds installation anywhere in Plainfield? Request a quote now. We’ll get in touch with you shortly.