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Roller Vs Roman Shades: Best Choice for Bedrooms

When it comes to home decoration, it’s hard to ignore the window covering. If you are thinking of installing shades but are at a crossroads as to what would be the right choice between the roller and Roman shades, this guide is for you. 

#1. Look and feel

 The elegance of roller or Roman shades depends largely on the fabric followed by the closet instrument used. Plain, textured, or patterned – all popular options are available with the fabric. If you have a large bedroom, consider using roller shades as they stay straight. The light fabric also makes a space look apparently larger than it is. Roman shades consume more fabric and they look bulky. You can give your Roman shades a zebra design as well by using two fabrics with contrasting colors. 

#2. Translucence 

 Roller shades can be designed to provide a better translucence than Roman shades as they comprise a single fabric and are without any folds. Control the translucence of the covering using a dark or light-shaded fabric. If your bedroom window faces direct sunlight, you can opt for the dark-shaded fabric to contain the light, but remember, a dark fabric absorbs the sunlight and can make you feel warmer. On the contrary, light fabric reflects most of the light. Roman shades are a good option to stop direct light which may contain UV rays.

 #3. Privacy

 Roman shades with pleated design and multiple layers of fabric offer a higher degree of privacy. Regulate the privacy further with the selection of appropriate front fabric and linen (the underlying fabric). Keep in mind the interest of the family members who are going to use the bedroom to select the right window coverings, texture, and color. If you are less concerned about privacy, sheer fabric is for you. Sheer fabric is weaved placing horizontal vanes between sheer fabric layers.

 #4. Exterior/Interior Installation 

 Interior installation is highly preferred for bedrooms. Roller shades take more space depending upon the pleat size. If you want to go with Roman shades but have space constraints internally, we can help you install them from outside. Roller shades take little space and you can install them from inside on the window. However, when installing window covering externally, you do not truly enjoy the beauty of your roller or Roman shades.

No matter what window treatment you choose, we can customize it well to match your bedroom interior and your interest. Once you book an appointment, we visit your home with a catalog of frames, fabrics, controllers, and hardware details. We take measurements of the bedroom window and deliver the perfect solution. 

Hope you found the answer – which is best.  Comment below or call us if you have any query.


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