Faux And Real Wood Shutters

Veteran Blinds and Draperies is an authorized dealer of real wood and faux wood shutters manufactured by Norman Shutters.

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Elegance and science coexist together in custom faux and real wood shutters made available by Veteran Blinds and Draperies. Shutters create a classic look bring value to your home. Besides being beautiful, they provide excellent insulation for windows helping with both heating and your home.

Veteran Blinds and Draperies is an authorized dealer of real wood shutters as well as faux wood shutters manufactured by Norman Shutters. Norman Shutters is the world’s bestselling shutters. These are custom and hand-crafted furniture for your windows.

Salient Features of Norman Shutters

1. FSC Certified Wood

Norman Shutters are made up of only sustainably sourced materials from our forests to your windows. It means woods are obtained with responsible forest management – respecting ecosystems, cultures, and economies.

2.Reinforced Engineered Stiles

The secret of the durability of Norman wood window blinds lies in the fact that multiple layers of wood are bonded together. The proprietary process ensures lifetime durability and stability.

3.Prescription Wood Conditioning

The real wood shutters’ moisture level is customized to its final destination. The unique drying process helps minimize post-installation shrinking and swelling.

4.Mortise and Tenon Joinery

The superior mortise and tenon joints help your window shutters withstand decades of shear stress and racking forces.

5.Quarter Sawn Louvers

Norman real wood shutters feature quarter-sawn louvers. The equidistant slats and their smooth movement help you control your room ambiance like never before. The design makes it resistant towards cupping, twisting and warping.

6.Recessed Magnets

Embedded magnets won’t protrude, which can cause light leakage. For a more dependable system with tighter closure, hidden from view.


Unlike common tilts louvers that have tilt rod, Norman window shutters feature gear-driven system to control the movement of tilts and each stile.  Tilts louvers flawlessly with precision tight control.

8.Superior Finishing

Norman window louvers undergo a series of hand sanding and finishing sequences to derive a more vibrant and lustrous finish. In woodlore shutters (faux wood shutters), a patented polypropylene coating – similar to the surface material in appliances and helmets – is applied to gain extra durability. It also makes window shutter cleaning easy.

9.Limited Lifetime Warranty

Dependable and high quality, Norman window furnishings are covered by the industry’s #1 warranty.

Why Veteran Blinds and Draperies

Premium quality

FSC certified premium quality wood and patented technology that don’t succumb to warp, crack, split, peel, fade, or otherwise disappoint

Free appointment and quote

We do not charge any visiting or appointment fee nor any estimation charges

Affordable price

We offer prices lower than the big box stores

Professional installation

We have veteran professionals to perform real wood or faux wood blinds installation using high-quality brackets and other hardware

Satisfaction guaranteed

From materials to service – we keep you satisfied with everything