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What Are Window Blinds and Shades?

Window treatments are draperies, blinds, and shades that are installed to beautify the interiors of a house and fulfill other needs. When searching for perfect Indiana blinds, remember to consider several factors, such as privacy, price, sunlight and UV rays control, design and look, and weight.

Window blinds and shades in Indianapolis are generally categorized into two types – functional window treatments and aesthetic window treatments.

Functional Window Treatments

The hardwood window blinds Indianapolis serve a functional purpose, such as keep the sunlight out of the room, improve the temperature of the interior, provide complete darkness while sleeping, or whatever your requirement is. Roman shades, cellular, pleated fabric, woven honeycomb curtains, wooden blinds, faux wood blinds, vertical blinds, roller shades, and motorized shutters are hardwood or functional window treatments.

If you want to reduce the AC or heater’s bill, you can consider installing a functional window treatment. However, do check the ‘R’ value of the Indianapolis blinds. ‘R’ value is a determinant that measures the amount of insulation the window treatment offers. Well maintained functional window treatments can be a great ROI booster. They are also durable and cost-effective.

Aesthetic Window Shades

Also referred to as softwood window treatments, aesthetic window blinds and shades are installed for decorative purposes only. Decorative blinds Indianapolis can be readymade or made to order based on your usability. These shades are three standard lengths, which can be customizable for functional purpose. Generally, softwindow treatments are more colorful, light in weight, textured, and patterned to complement the existing look of the room.

However, you can customize them to absorb sound and prevent light. Line draperies, pinch pleate panels, cascades, curtains, and swags, are examples of the regular soft window/ decorative window treatments. However, if you want to cover glass, block outside view, or insulate the room, then you should consider using a functional window treatment.

Cost is an important factor when customizing your window blinds and shades in Indianapolis. Functional treatments, like motorized shades, are expensive but durable, while curtains are pleasing to look and cheaper than the former. Durability also depends upon the quality of the fabric you use.

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